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Bembelbots Qualification Video For RoboCup 2017 in Japan

Bembelbots Qualification Video For RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig

Bembelbots Qualification Video For RoboCup 2014 in Brazil

RoBOW’13.1 in Dortmund – Harlem Shake RoboCup

RoboCup 2013 Qualification Video

RoboCup 2012 Qualification Video

Kinect 3d Nao Remote Control
Controlling NAO with gestures, a very simple 3d interface using the Kinect sensor.

» Download kinect.flv «

Illumination invariant ball tracking
Nao tracking the ball on our field, based on our improved classifier.

» Download ballTracking.flv «

Promotion Video
Bembelbots promotion video. Learn more about RoboCup, sponsoring opportunities, and see our robots in action!

» Download marketing.flv «

First particle filter tests
Some tests on different approaches to Particle Filters. Shown is one result with different sigmas for the x-y-directions.

Stabilizing with the arms
We did some experiments to use the arms as stabilizers to different robot actions. You can see the first results here.

Bruteforce testing for walking-styles in the simulator
A very simple and naive way to find a good walking style. Walking parameter are chosen randomly. The simulation gets reverted if either the robot falls down or after 30 seconds have passed.

Human Classifier
Our human classifier on the test-sets. This is a timelapse video, Christian has been clicking for approximately an whole hour! We need this to train our new classifier based on mahalanobis-distances.

First demonstration video
Here is a little demonstration of our current development state.

» Download teaser.flv «