RoboCup Mexico 2012

28 Jun

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2012 the Bembelbots where able to qualify for the world champion ship in robot soccer for the first time. For a long time we didn’t know if we would attend. Due to the rule changes in 2012 it is now much harder to determine which goal a robot is facing (goals have the same color know – yellow).
We saw at the GermanOpen in the same year, that it is very complicated.
After some weeks of hard work one piece of important software was nearly ready and we decided to participate in Mexico. In the few days left, we registered our team, booked the hotel and flight and done the necessary custom preparations. After some delay on Frankfurt airport we nearly missed our connection in Paris (to Mexico), but we got our flight in the last minute. We arrived in Mexico-City on five a clock in the morning. Till we could check in in our hotel, we done a little sightseeing. On the next day we went to the exhibition hall, prepared our place there and started working right away.
Compared to the conditions we knew from the GermanOpen conditions in Mexico where bad: dark carpet, dark lights and bad network connections.
So we had our hands full of work and the days where long and the nights where short.After more and more teams drooped out of the tournament, we had much time to talk about our software and experience. Much more than we knew it from the GermanOpen. At the end of the competition was a little conference.
On the next day we had to leave Mexico.
We all seek to be part of the next Championship 2013 in the Nederlands.

A special thanks goes to the “Vereinigung von Freunden und Förderern” of the Goethe Universität Frankfurt for funding the team.

RoboCup Mexico 2012

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